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Finding A Morning Routine

Thank you to Silk® Oat Yeah™ Oatmilk for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Ahhh the morning. A fresh start. A new day and a chance to set the tone for the day! I’ve never really been a morning person, although I’d really like to be! I love the idea of waking up before every one else and having a little time to enjoy the bliss of a new day before the chaos of the morning ensues. Waking up super early to have all this quite and reflective time definitely seems appealing, but I haven’t fully mastered it.

I can wake up early for a few days here and there, but then it’s dark outside still and I’m way too cozy in bed or I stayed up late the night before chatting with friends. All this is to say, as much as I would like to have a consistent morning routine, I’m not quite there yet!

There are a few things that I definitely do every morning and at the top of that list is make coffee. There is something about that first sip of coffee in the morning, isn’t there? Recently, I’ve started using Silk® Oat Yeah™ Oatmilk in my coffee. Oat milk is the hot new trend, and I totally get it.

It’s creamy, it froths fairly well, and it elevates any average cup of joe. I found my Silk Oat Yeah Oatmilk at Safeway in the refrigerated section next to all of the other milk. Safeway had a selection of plain, vanilla, and chocolate, but I’m sucker for a little flavor, so I got the vanilla!

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Another thing I try to do every morning is practice gratitude. Sometimes, it’s more formal (usually on days I wake up early!) and I journal out ten things I’m feeling grateful for that morning. Other times, it’s a pause in the kitchen while I’m making breakfast for our littles when I intentionally think of ten things to be grateful for in that moment. It’s a simple little change in my morning routine that has helped me see things in a more positive light throughout the day.

Aside from those two things, my mornings greatly vary every day. Some mornings, the kids and I bunker down; other mornings, we are all in thing to go play outside; and some mornings, we go next door for play dates with our neighbors.

Those are some of my favorite mornings because, well, it’s always nice to feel like you have support from your community—especially as a parent!

What about you? Do you have a consistent morning routine? And for all you early risers out there, send me your tips! I’d love to hear how you make early mornings work for you!

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