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Changing The World One LEGO Build At A Time

This post is sponsored by the LEGO® Group.

Have you ever thought about what life would be like if we asked KIDS to Rebuild The World? Their imaginations know no bounds, they aren’t afraid to think outside the box, and they think of endless possibilities. The LEGO Group has given kids to this exact task with the idea that, with kids in charge, we can create more joy in the world around us. Rebuild the World, is the LEGO Group’s annual global campaign centered around rebuilding our world with kids as our role models! With creativity as the focus, kids can use LEGO bricks to help bring their ideas to life.

We asked our kids to think of something that would bring joy to their world, solve a creative problem, or bring people together and then create it using LEGO Bricks! Their imaginations ran wild!!

They each had so many different ideas but ultimately the stuck to their favorite themes: dinosaurs, cars, and cats! 

Luca built a lab that catches and creates dinosaurs. There is a computer that “invents important things” and a cage to “help the Ornothomimus not escape.” It’s equipped with an alarm and even an egg on a high pedestal for “the Ornothomimus to eat.”

Mateo built a car that runs on an engine and also a propeller for back up. There is also a broom attached to the back of the car which “brushes all the stuff that’s dirty.”

Lola built a boat that can “blast all the way to outer space.” The boat helps capture kittens and it even “has a leash that pulls the cat.” 

While their creations were as different as they are, each of their LEGO brick builds was inspired by a problem they wanted to solve. Watching them build and create, have a lightbulb moment and then rebuild and recreate is all part of the creative process and a skill I know will serve them in so many different areas of their lives for years to come.

Harnessing the power of their expansive imaginations, The LEGO Group wanted to bring to life their creations in an effort to Rebuild The World.

This is how their creations turned out reimagined! Special thanks to Karen Katar (@karencantuq) for bringing this to life.

When our kids saw their creations reimagined they were stunned! They loved seeing how their builds came to life and were over the moon about the added extras. Luca couldn’t believe that a “real Ornothomimus was breaking into the lab” and Lola was thrilled to see her cat fly into space with cans of cat food and a mouse! 

The LEGO Group wants to reimagine YOUR kids’ LEGO builds and ideas! Ask your kids to tell a story about something or build something that would bring joy to their world, solve a creative problem or bring people together. Submit your kids ideas on my Instagram post HERE or share photos of their LEGO® builds, pictures, or ideas on social media mentioning @LEGO and using #RebuildTheWorld or for an opportunity to have your kiddo’s idea brought to life by the LEGO Group!

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