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Eight Essential Items To Include On Your Baby Registry When Expecting Twins

Congratulations! You are having twins! You have an exciting adventure ahead, and probably a lot of preparation to do before their big arrival! Chances are you have done some research or at least thought about the major stuff you need to get like cribs and car seats, so I wanted to make a short list of things that might get over looked but we’re VITAL to our success as new twin moms. I also realize that as a twin parent you will accumulate SO MUCH STUFF, so I paired this list down from ten to only include the essential eight items you need!

Dyper Brand Diapers

Before we had children, I loved the idea of doing cloth diapers but when reality set it- I just didn’t have the bandwidth. But with the amount of diapers we were going through, I wanted to find a brand that was more green. Enter Dyper. Dyper is the convince of a disposable diaper without the environmental impact. Conventional diapers take 500 years to breakdown. No, that wasn’t a typo- 500 years! That’s a long time to be sitting in a landfill. DYPER is made out of bamboo and starts breaking down in 80 days. Not only are these diapers environmentally friendly they are so SO soft. Traditional diapers tend to feel a little like crate paper to me, these ones feel more like cloth plus then contain no weird stuff. No dyes. No chlorine. No Phthalates. No perfumes. NADA!

Oh and did I mention they get delivered to your doorstep every month? Which is perfect because as a twin mom you will have plenty of other things to keep you busy! Wait diapers for the entire month? Yep! Based on your babies age and weight they have figured out how many diapers your baby (or babies!) should go through a month so you don’t run out. But life happens and if for some reason you do end up running out, they have an SOS feature that gets diapers to you fast! Like in two hours fast! How this company hasn’t existed before now will forever be a mystery! DYPER is a dream come true! Especially for twin parents!

Twin Z Pillow

If you are planning on breastfeeding your twins this is a MUST! This super handy pillow allows you to nurse both twins at the same time. But even if tandem feeds aren’t your thing, it’s nice to have the other baby near so you can switch over to the next relatively easily. Even if breastfeeding isn’t in your plans, the Z pillow is a nice place to prop up the babies for bottle feeds. Our kids still like to snuggle in it for story time! 

Hospital Grade Breast Pump

For those wanting to feed their babies breast milk and not exclusively breastfeed, I highly suggest renting a hospital grade breast pump. Depending on where you live, you may be able to rent them directly from the hospital, but if not ask around! These machines take pumping to the next level and take every drop of breast milk you have without making you sit at the pump all day long. Since you will be feeding two babies, you want something that is extremely efficient and these guys are it!

Hatch Baby Rest Night Light

Most likely you twins will be sleeping in the same room. The hatch is an incredible little sound machine that also can function as an “okay to wake” light when they get older. All the sounds and colors are controlled from an app on your phone so you don’t even have to sneak in the room to restart the white noise! I truly believe this machine helped our children learn to sleep in the same room together. 

The Baby Sleep Solution

Speaking of sleep. The Baby Sleep Solution was a lifesaver for us! It helped us get all three children to sleep in the same room AND to sleep 12 hours a night. I wrote a more in depth blog post about that HERE, but this is definitely a book I would recommend having as your go to sleep resource.

You Can Two: The Essential Twin Preparation Guide

And while we are on the topic of books, ‘You Can Two’ is definitely one to add to your list. As new twin parents there is just SO much to think about and plan for. This book helps you get organized and prepared (as much as you can be!) for what is to come. The authors of this book are twin experts and also have a blog with a ton of free resources for twin parents- make sure to check out their blog- Two Came True HERE!

Rock and Play / Bouncer

It doesn’t matter what kind you get, but I would highly recommend having some sort of bouncer or rock and play to set your babies in so they aren’t always laying flat. It’s always a great way to keep this safe and stimulated when you need get things done! And yes, I would get two!

Cosatto Double Stroller 

There are a lot of great double strollers out there for jogging, but the Cosatto Supa Dupa Double Stroller is by far the best double umbrella stroller we found! It comes with everything you need for outings in all kinds of weather. We are talking things like a rain cover and even fleece lined zippable sleeping bags that cover their bodies in super cold weather! And although this stroller sits twins side by side, it’s still narrow enough to fit through the standard doorway- which not all do!

So there you have it- eight must have items for twin parents! Every single one of these items greatly improved our success and ability to juggle having so many babies at once! To all my seasoned twin parents out there, what else you add?! Let me know in the comments below!

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