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Family Trip to Salt Lake City

For years Micaela and I have wanted to explore Salt Lake City, Utah. The mountains, the city life, the food, and how could we forget- the views! So we went there for a long weekend to see for ourselves what Salt Lake had to offer and let me tell you- it did not disappoint!

Cozy zebra robes and a coffee maker in room made the Monaco feel like home!

While we were there we stayed at the hotel Monaco, a Kimpton hotel in downtown Salt Lake City. The location was perfect and we pretty much walked (or took the wagon!) everywhere we went.

We loved how central the Monaco was to everything we wanted to do! Food, attractions and parks were all in walking distance.

The Monaco offered so many different amenities that made travel as a family of five totally doable! They had two bedroom suites, the offered a FREE nightly happy hour in the lobby so we could enjoy ourselves without the stress of leaving the hotel, and they also had many family games around to engage the kids!

They also offered Yoga mats in the room!
We took advantage of the free happy hour almost every night! The kids loved it too!

One night during our stay, one of our littles had an accident and we needed new sheets. I called down to the front desk at one o’clock in the morning to ask for new sheets. They were so kind and so understanding and within 8 minutes we had fresh sheets. I will never forget the kindness their staff showed us during this little middle of the night mishap, they delivered the sheets with a smile, happily took the soiled ones and insisted they help us remake their bed so we could all get back to sleep. Their kindness went above and beyond and we will always remember that!

Hotel Monaco is a big supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and we felt so welcome staying there!

Our days were packed with exploring the city! Everywhere we went we were met with smiles and acceptance, and never once felt threatened traveling as a LGBTQ+ family. In fact, we saw rainbows all over the city and it made us feel right at home!

The entry stairs of the Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum

One of our favorites adventures that we went on was our visit to the Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum. Our children seriously had the time of their lives! And quite honestly so did we!

The kids had a ball building race cars and then racing them against each other down the track!
Lola constructing her winning race car

There were so many Interactive exhibits that kept our children’s attention. From a build your own race car experience, to a larger than life beehive to a children’s theatre there was so much to do!

Light exhibit at Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum
The climbing beehive was a hit!

Our personal favorite was the helicopter and Children’s Hospital set up. Micaela and I are both in the medical field and watching our children explore our professions in this way seriously gave us all the feels! They even had scrubs and white coats for the kids to play dress up!

Micaela and the kids in the OR at Discovery Children’s Museum
The helicopter was an obvious favorite!

We used the Visit Connect Pass while we were there and it was definitely the way to go! It gave us access to a handful of amazing attractions throughout the city which I managed all on one easy app. There were no tickets to keep track of, or addresses to scramble to look up- everything was in one place.

The kids loved the Dinosaurs at the Ancient History Museum

Also, I had no idea that Salt Lake City was such a haven for Vegan eating!! This was such an exciting discovery for us, because normally finding vegan food in a new city can be a challenge. We went to as many Vegan places as we could while we were there. Here is a short list of some of the places we would definitely recommend:

  • Vertical Diner
  • Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen
  • Zest Kitchen and Bar
  • Monkeywrench for Ice Cream!
Having brunch at Vertical Diner– an all Vegan restaurant!

We couldn’t make it up to the mountains this time around, but we definitely made sure to get in a lot of time outdoors. We went to a handful of local parks which was a great way for the kids to burn off all that extra energy

Salt Lake City surprised us in so many ways and we will definitely be back to explore more of the outdoors! Have you been to Salt Lake yet?

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