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Global Recycling Day 2021

It’s Global Recycling Day! An entire day dedicated to the practice of recycling and reducing our impact on our Earth. It’s sobering when you think that everything we do (and everything we don’t) will in some way impact our children. The choices we as a community and as a society make today, will impact generations to come. We have an enormous responsibility to show up and thankfully Crest and Oral-B are willing to show up too!

I’m not sure how many tubes of toothpaste, numbers of toothbrushes or containers of mouthwash I have gone through in my lifetime this far- but it’s probably a lot. Crest and Oral-B realized this too, and wanted to make a big change. Together they created the Recycle on Us program. It’s a program dedicated to giving new life to all of our used oral care products by up cycling them into things like playground benches, bottles, and even clothes.

Here’s how the Recycle on Us program works:

  1. Head to the Crest and Oral-B Recycle on Us website and print out a free shipping label.
  2. Get a box and start filling it with all of your empty toothpaste tubes, flossing containers, mouthwash bottles, toothbrushes, toothbrush heads and floss picks. PRO TIP: Even though we are a Crest and Oral-B family, the Recycle on Us program accepts oral care products from ANY company. How cool is that? 
  3. When the box has been filled, mail it out!

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The box will be sent to one of their recycling facilities where the used containers and products will be organized and sanitized. From there they can be upcycled into so many different products that many of us use every day! 

Although it may seem like a small way to help, imagine if you did this for the next year. Now imagine if everyone in your immediate family did. Your neighborhood. Your city. Your state! Little changes can quickly add up to massive impacts when we all participate. So what are you waiting for?!

 I’m thankful to companies like Crest and Oral-B who work to be a force for good . From creating the Recycle on Us program to having certified Zero-Manufacturing-Waste-To-Landfill sites to producing products with less plastic and being committed to running their manufacturing sites on 100% renewable energy, Crest and Oral-B are taking their responsibility seriously. As a mom who thinks often of her children’s future, I know future generations will appreciate anything we can do today that will create a better tomorrow. How will you celebrate Global Recycling Day? Leave us a comment sharing what you plan to recycle!

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