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How To Grow Your Hair Long (and keep it healthy!)

Without a doubt, the two questions I am asked the most is how we had our babies and what my haircare routine is. While the answer to the babies question is a little more complicated, my answer to the hair question is simple!

I firmly believe when it comes to haircare, less is more! So, here are the five things I routinely do to keep my hair healthy and grow it long!

1. I’ve always been fairly picky about what Shampoo and Conditioner I use. Hair Food Organics Coconut Oil and Dragon Fruit Shampoo has been great because it meets all the requirements I look for in my hair care products. It’s cruelty- free (PETA certified even!), it’s NSF certified to contain 70% organic ingredients, and it doesn’t contain sulfates, dyes, mineral oils or parabens. Finding a shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t have all the junk that can weigh your hair down is key. Plus, you want a product that really cleans your hair well without stripping it of its natural oils. Hair Food Organics is that product! Plus is smells so so good!

2. I take a multi-vitamin. I’m have been Vegan for close to seven years so it’s important I supplement my iron and B-12 but I think this also helps with my hair growth and health! Think of it like nourishing your hair from the inside out!

3. I rarely use heat on my hair. I always let my hair air dry and use a curling iron or straightener probably a handful of times a year. I will curl my hair for special events but that’s about it! I have found that braiding my hair while damp and then allowing it to dry while I’m braids creates natural waves in my hair without ever having to put heat on it. 

4. I do coconut oil masks on my hair twice a month!  I put a quick coat of coconut oil on the dry parts of my hair and allow it to soak in over night. I wash it out in the morning with Hair Food Organics Coconut Oil and Dragon Fruit Shampoo and Conditioner and it gives my hair an extra boost of shine and softness.

5. And lastly, I only wash my hair every 2-3 days.
It has taken time for me to train my hair to go with fewer washes, but if you can power through a few greasy days it’s totally worth it!

I have found when I wash with a super cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner set like Hair Food Organics, I can routinely make it to that third day without my hair feeling desperate for a wash!

This dual pack is exclusively available at select Costco stores or online at

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