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Saving For College Tuition (For Three!) with Wealthfront

A few weeks ago I posted about Wealthfront, my new favorite mom hack that helped us create a financial plan for our children’s education funds. Finances are definitely not my strong suite, so I appreciated the ease and straight forward nature of the platform. Setting up my profile and linking in accounts literally couldn’t have been easier. I didn’t have to schedule a meeting with an investor or even leave my house! Everything was done quickly and easily from the Wealthfront platform on my phone.

With the help of their free financial planning tool, Micaela and I were able to create a plan that fit OUR currently lifestyle. Once we completed our profile and answered a few questions, we could clearly see the steps we needed to take to reach our financial goals.

Having three children who will likely enter college within a year of one another, we need to make sure we can afford their higher education costs. One of the things I like best about Wealthfront was the ability to clearly visualize what our estimated college expenses would even be in 16 years. After selecting the hypothetical college you want your child to attend, Wealthfront projects what you can expect to spend, estimates financial aid and maps out a monthly savings plan. 

As a busy mom of three with zero interest in investment strategies, this is music to my ears! I would so much rather be spending my time WITH my children than crunching numbers on behalf of their future.

If you would like to start planning for your children’s college but don’t want to start any investments just yet, definitely checkout their financial planning service- its 100% free to use and really helps give you an insight as to what you should be doing to reach your goal. Click here to learn more!

This post has been sponsored by Wealthfront. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. 

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