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The Vegan Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

Eco Tan By Sonia Driver

I found this Australian brand skin care four years ago when I was looking for a natural self-tanner. I gave up my days of basking in the sun, but still wanted that glow without having to resort to a self tanner with all the weird chemicals. Enter Face Tan Water.I loved this product because it was Vegan and cruelty free, but also because it was made with REAL ingredients. Ingredients like orange peels and aloe vera. Plus with regular use of two to three times a week, I found my completion appeared more even.

Their Face Tan water was like the gateway drug. I loved that product so much, I wanted to see what else their brand had to offer. Since discovering Eco Tan four years ago, I have tried almost every single one of their products, all of which I have been super happy with! I have found the best deals HERE!

Function of Beauty

When I first discovered Function of Beauty, my first thought was: “why hasn’t something like this been done before?!” We all have totally different hair care needs so why shouldn’t we have totally individualized haircare products?! You can customize everything. Down to the scent and the color! Customize yours HERE!

I’m currently using their pistachio scent and L O V E it. If that’s not your thing, coconut is my normal go to! Favorite part? It get delivered to my door so I don’t ever have to worry about running out! *Disclaimer* the shampoo and conditioner are thick and concentrated, so a little goes a long way. It also makes the product last longer- if you have super thick and long hair like me, you feel my pain on this one!


OH. MAN. I am such a sucker for Lush. I love that their products are all hand made by REAL people. No but really. Dan with the beard made my ‘Angels on Bare Skin’ face wash and Aurelio made my ‘Charity Pot’ lotion. Not ALL of their products are Vegan, but most of them are. My go to favorites are:

  • Angels on Bare Skin– a solid face wash made with lavender and almond meal. Leaves your skin feeling SO soft after a wash without striping of too many oils.
  • Cup O Coffee- an exfoliant for body and face that also doubles as a mask. I use this mask probably once a week!

The also highly encourage recycling! So save your little black pots like the one above and you can exchange them for free fresh face masks!

I am a totally product junkie and am constantly in search of the BEST vegan products. There are so many good ones, but if I don’t buy it over and over again, I’m not putting it on this list. This section is truly reserved for my favorites. I will be adding things to this list as time goes on, so don’t forget to check back!

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